Amara’s Legacy


The riches of Broadfields, the largest estate in Garalandia, prove an irresistible bauble to the usurper, Mordacai. The lands could be claimed by force, or more simply acquired by marrying his son to the female heir, Gemma.
Fleeing a match she considers to be a fate worse than death, Gemma has a choice: seek anonymity in the guise of a mercenary warrior, or to fight back.
Her Serenian upbringing ensured training in deadly combat from birth. Gemma can survive where others would die. She has no intention of becoming a trophy bride and any man hoping to subdue her had better know the consequences.
Gemma has a plan. Even if she has to bathe in blood, consort with magic and face the impossible, her secret alliance with Merrilina, witch of the Wizard Council means the head wearing the crown should rest uneasily.
Let battle commence …