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Travelling and Writing

I’ve previously tried every type of mobile device from various PDAs (remember the palm pilot?) to phones with flip out keyboards.

The logical answer is to take a low cost computer, but when I travel, I am loath to take a full laptop. We travel with hefty rucksacks and often use local bus and train services as well as taxi and rental cars. A laptop might work if I’m just staying in one place, but not on our multi-stop, unplanned jaunts.

I really don’t want to have to worry about keeping a few hundred pounds worth of computer safe. I’d be forever protecting from being bounced or jumped on. There are other issues. It would need a great battery life and low cost laptops rarely give this. For my experiment to work, I wanted to use the same Word Processor on the mobile device I’m working on my usual machine. Which, up until my conversion to Scrivener, would mean running Microsoft Word.

More expensive devices give the battery life and can run MS word, but I cannot conceive of travelling with a real laptop worth a thousand pounds or more.

Plus, I’m on holiday. My beloved is tolerant of me writing, but she will insist on getting some of my attention, which won’t happen once I plug into my other world. These days a laptop is seen as a bigger rival for my attention than the heavy-chested bikini wearer across the pool.

But, who doesn’t travel with a tablet these days?

I have to say, I would prefer an Android, rather than IOS device, but as I have to have an IPad for work, it doesn’t incur a vast expense to add Scrivener for IOS. L&L (the authors of Scrivener) are Apple fans, with a reluctant acknowledgement that Windows might catch on. I doubt they will have an android version any time soon.

That’s the plan. I’ll let you know how I get on.