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Travelling with Scrivener for IOS

With our first trip away I had two projects to consider:

The first is an edit of a story reaching beta reader stage. I had to do some major hacking and took this as an opportunity to break it back up into smaller files. I suspect that larger files might take longer to synchronise and out in Greece, it’s best to anticipate on having a flaky, rather than solid connection to the Internet.

The second is a completely new project. A set of short scripts for some videos I am planning to release on a youtube channel.

The findings during this trip have been that for editing work, the separate keyboard isn’t required. I love the additional edit buttons L&L have added to the keyboard. These are available for both the bluetooth device and the on-screen keyboard. Cursor keys, a really useful select button and a delete key that deletes to the right, rather than the left. With these and the on-screen keyboard it is easy to dip in and out of mentally reading mode to edit a clumsy sentence.

For originating work, I can’t achieve anything approaching the speed or accuracy using the on-screen keyboard. This is where the bluetooth keyboard comes into its own. I previously wrote about picking up a Sandstrom keyboard from PC World. I did almost no market research. A friend had raved about the Logitech device, but I stood in the store and tried each one they had in stock. I like the key spacing and the tactile feedback the Sandstrom offers.

Of course as a Microsoft user I have the problem of the location of the “ and @ keys. I kept finding hints on the Internet that changing this was possible. I spent an age trying to reprogramme the keyboard and called the PC World helpline to see if they could help. Their response was that these positions are where the keys are on an apple, get used to it.

As this device is my only keyboard for a couple of weeks, my head doesn’t need to flip-flop between layouts and therefore, I can get used to the key positions.

I am not sure yet if I miss having a mouse. I started using word processors such a long time ago, I learnt to work before the concept of the mouse came into existence. In fact my earliest writing was done using TED, the CPM line editor programme. I did a lot of work on pre-windows systems as well as spending a huge amount of time cutting code with the good old Unix vi editor.

When I originate work, I tend to blast the words in, ignoring spelling and typos until I reach a point convenient to go back and reread. I suspect this means I don’t miss the mouse that much.

If I see a low cost blue tooth mouse I might give it a try, but it is an extra piece of tech to carry, lose, and keep charged.

Am I happy with the result?

Of course I am, Scrivener for IOS plus my keyboard proved it can fulfil all of my requirements to stay creatively productive whilst travelling. Even with the poor internet connection some Greek hotels offer. Scrivener plus dropbox synchronising gives me the confidence to edit and create work whilst on the move.

Did beloved feel threatened by it?

She just thought I was checking Facebook.