Scrivener Editing

Screen shot of Amara

I have used a different technique to write ‘Amara’s Destiny’. An author friend I trust uses the technique of looping back to the beginning every 10k words. Although I started to hate the characters I have done it and liked the result. However, the looping back on a 100k novel means whilst the front of the story gets edited ten times, the tail of the writing is quite new.

Also when I realised a major change had to occur, such as, completely removing one character, I had to go back to amend ‘well-edited’ scenes. I write each scene as a separate section, with a folder for each chapter.

What I came up with was colour-coding each scene. It starts white, and gradually progresses to dark blue, at the moment this is a seven option grading. The whole chapter is set to reflect the colour of the lowest scene within it. If I do a major edit, I knock the colour/ status back.

I hope this will show me how well edited I think it is before I submit to the professional editor. Who will rip it apart and kick every chapter back to first draft status!