The Third Idea

I was told that when I was writing, to seek for the third idea. It’s not an original suggestion, in honesty I have no idea where I first heard it.

The fact is that for me, it seems the only way to reach for the original twist (If there is such a thing.) My first few ideas are usually old hat and cliched.

I recently considered  a short story competition. A call out for tales of the end of the world. Not, a fantasy, a real life, could happen style wrapping up of things.

It coincided with seeing a meme about the bees. Now, my cynical head says, why would Einstein know about bees? He did maths and physics. AND nobody can actually attribute the statement to him.

However, what would happen if the bees fought back …

Sounds good. However, a niggle says that HG Wells might have beaten me to it. I recall a short story, I think spiders slowly emerging from the rain forests (Oh, rain forests, save that idea as well.) Then I also remember Frank Herbert (Dune), he wrote The Green Brain – insects fighting a terrorist war against humans.

So, how do the bees get into the population? Obviously, an activist releases them … planet of the apes, 28 days, possibly a dozen others I haven’t yet recalled or seen. What if the scientist becomes taken over by the insects.

What if, what if, what if …

Time to walk the dogs, stroll in the sea and let my head roam free.

Sadly, its too hot to walk the dogs and I’m currently in Crewe where the sea is a long way off.

Back to Amara’s Destiny

Possibly not every twist, but certainly a lot of them come by discarding the first couple of scenarios. Currently, Amara is fighting for her life. It’s the last big battle of ten years of writing.

Should it really end with her simply being better than her foe?

Could it end with her impaled on a spear?

Maybe she woke up and it was all a dream.