so it begins

Set the computer at eye level, hit record and start to read off the copy I put on-screen.

What did I get?

Too much echo, if I go quiet and move really close I get a lot of mouth noise. There has to be a better way.
I edge backwards and forwards, I never realised just how much mouth noise I have when I speak.

I arranged and rearranged acoustic foam behind and around the microphone. I purchased a pop filter and a shield that mounted behind the mic trying to cut the echo.

To get rid of the mouth noise I started recording in shorter and shorter samples. This gave me another problem, the clips added a click between each phrase. Not just the click of stopping and starting, but what turned out to be a common problem with audio clips that need to have the zero point perfectly aligned.

This meant each recording session gave me a hundred clips to trim, align and edit … is this how it should work?