Using a kindle Paperwhite as a word processor.


Because it is all you have with you? Because the screen is easy to read in the sun. Or because you can?

I am not saying this is the greatest WP system in the world, but it does have the big advantage that the battery lasts forever and the screen is so easy on the eyes.

Step 1 – Make a document to upload

As I use Scrivener, it is pretty easy to make a document called wp (or whatever else you want to call it.) It has a single page with twenty numbers on it. I can then compile that to a mobi or a docx file to be uploaded to my Kindle.
A docx appears to work fine, so just about anything will work to create one of these.

Step 2 – Upload it

I use the email function to send documents to my kindle. It seems the easiest way to get things on there.

Once it is uploaded to my kindle I can open a note on any of the numbers and start to type.

Step 3 – Create a Note

This part isn’t the greatest, but it does allow me to type and edit the text.

Step 4 – Get the text back

Once at home the kindle can be connected to my PC with a USB cable. It shows up like any external drive.

By going to the documents folder,

I can open / copy the My Clippings.txt file and grab the contents to copy and paste into a real word processor to finish off the job.

As you can see, the My Clippings file gets a new entry each time you edit