Why Pog and the King’s Armour

Pog and the King’s Armour is the first children’s book I have written.

Many people suggested I should write for children (my childlike mind, maybe?) Many of my favourite books fall into the children’s category. Harry Potter, Narnia, Winnie the Pooh, Wind in The Willows, etc. The list goes on.

Writing for children is about pushing into a crowded market. Every celebrity on the planet attempts it. There are classics every parent wants their child to love. Is it possible to stand out in such a market?

Why is Pog different?

I’d say it’s a retro-style book. It’s not full of wacky pictures or different ways to giggle at poo. Pog and the King’s Armour is a great story written using a sensible vocabulary aimed squarely at self-reading children between 8-10 years old, or adults who have discovered the joy of reading to children.

If you read, and want to engage children in reading, you have to look at this book.